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Aug 25, 2013 9:00am PDT
just a win away from advance to go the america's cup final. what stopped the kiwis from closing out >> welcome back, everyone. 9:13 on this sunday morning, august 25th. this is a live look from our roof cam, showing you the fog engulfing the bridge. it's supposed to lift later today. what's in store weather-wise for the rest of the weekend and into the week? you have to stay tuned. lisa argen will be along shortly with your full accuweather forecast. >> new this morning, authorities in florida are investigating just what led a trucking company employee to go on a shooting spree that left two former colleagues dead and two others injured. according to police, 72-year-old hubert allen junior shot them yesterday at several locations around union county, florida. authorities say allen first shot and killed a 28-year-old former coworker, then went a short distance and fatally shot his 80-year-old former boss. later he shot and wounded two other men before going home and killing himself. no details on a motive. >>> new this morning, ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak will be in court
Aug 11, 2013 9:00am PDT
's the precurser to the america's cup finals. the luna rossa from italy beat the sweden's artemis yesterday. that means artemis, who really struggled after the death of andrew simpson during a practice run in may, now goes home. >> it's been lots of miles. offered up lots of mixed emotions. pride, enjoyment and also obviously great sadness at the same time. today finishing the competition was another one, and i think there were a few of us who knew andrew well who turned our thoughts to him at the same time. >> the luna rossa will sail in the finals against new zealand for the louis vuitton cup next saturday. the winner of that stage goes on if challenge team oracle usa for the america's cup >> august annual meteor shower, known as perseid, is underway. the meteors will streak across the skies tonight through tuesday. tonight's event they said could look brighter than usual because of the new moon and they say the best time begins at 11:10 tonight. lisa, you said if you want to see it, get away from the bright lights of downtown? >> yeah, and go inland, brentwood, fairfield, and look northe
Aug 18, 2013 9:00am PDT
and the red flag warning all coming up. >> lisa, thank you. drama at the america's cup. two sailors swept overboard during competition. we will tell you what happened. and a new lead in the death of princess diana. is it possible it wasn't a >> welcome back, everyone. so glad you could be with us on this sunday morning. coming up on 9:13. hers a live look from our emeryville camera this morning. finally we see the blue skies making their way through the haze. a gorgeous, blue water. it will be a nice, sunny day in most areas of the bay area. enjoy it while you can. things will change tonight. lisa argen will fill you in on that coming up in a few minutes. >> this morning egypt's interim prime minister is considering a drastic move to end the violence by disbanding the muslim brotherhood. now there's concern over the fate of priceless antiques being destroyed at the country's museum. we have the latest from cairo. >> this morning cairo woke up to this, the heaviest police presence we've seen in days. the army's armored vehicles on every major street, even here, guarding the central square
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3